Workshop at IDC’18

IDC researchers have contributed to the field of interaction design beyond the specific technologies they make with other design knowledge such as design methods, patterns, principles and so on. Recently, this intermediate-level knowledge – residing between theory and artefact –  has been formalised as an end in its own right and as a specific, lasting contribution of design research to interaction design.

In this workshop at IDC’18, we invite researchers to jointly explore how the field of interaction design can establish intermediate-level knowledge, being a kind of design knowledge that resides in the realm between the design of particular artifacts and theories. The goal of this workshop is to consolidate what we mean with intermediate-level knowledge and what it offers to contribute to the field of interaction design for/with children by inviting a wide range of participants including those who see themselves as core members of IDC but have yet not examined their contributions through the prism of intermediate-level knowledge.

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